Fishing with Clams as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Clams are great baits for saltwater fishing.  Clams will catch many species including flounder, sea trout, blackfish, striped bass, porgy, whiting, rockfish and surf perch.

How to Catch Clams

Clams can be found just below the sand along the beaches.  Some clams may be just a few inches below the surface while others may be over a foot deep.  There are several ways to dig them up and they all work.  Finding them can be tricky, but once you find them, you can usually dig some up for bait.  If you have a hard time catching them, there are several places where you can buy clams for bait too.

Using Clams as Bait

Some anglers don’t like using them because it’s tough to keep them on the hook.  If you are using fresh clams, the meat will stay on the hook better.  Once clams die, the meat deteriorates quickly and it will be hard to keep the bait on the hook.  Frozen clams can be effective, but the fresh clams do a better job of staying on the hook.  Rig them on your favorite bottom rig and be smooth and easy with your casts so you don’t fly them off your hook.

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