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Striped bass, also called stripers, are silver with 7 or 8 dark horizontal stripes that are not broken.  Their body is longer than white bass and they have 2 patches of teeth on the tongue.  The hybrids, a combination of the striped bass and white bass, have silvery sides with broken horizontal stripes that are unbroken above and below the lateral line.  Big stripers over 30 pounds are not unheard of and fish in the 5 to 7 pound range are considered average in fresh water.  In the ocean, 15 to 30 pound fish are common and even bigger fish in the 40 to 50 pound range are possible.


Stripers migrate up rivers and streams to spawn in the spring.  In fresh water, they thrive in deep water lakes and reservoirs.  They can be found along the shorelines in the spring and fall, but you’re going to do much better if you fish for them in deeper water offshore. They primarily feed in large schools in open water.


Striped bass can be found in freshwater lakes, reservoirs and rivers.  Some bodies of water will provide more of an action experience with lots of smaller striped bass and some places will give you the chance to land a fish of a lifetime.


In saltwater, it is all based on the migration along the East Coast.  There is a spring migration, then the fish will hang around through the summer and fall, but as water temperatures cool down in the fall, these fish will migrate south again.  During the peak of the run in the spring and fall, the fishing can be outstanding.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Striped Bass

Striped Bass are Found in Freshwater & Saltwater

Like you probably already read above, striped bass are found in freshwater and saltwater and many of the same tactics will work in both freshwater and saltwater.  However, there are also specific tactics that work best for freshwater and saltwater.

Striped Bass Move a Lot

Whether it be from seasonal migrations or just them searching for food in open water, striped bass move a lot.  Just because you found fish in one spot one day does not mean they will be there the next.  Be willing to move to find fish or you may strike out big time.

Striped Bass Can Get Huge

Striped bass grow to enormous sizes, especially in saltwater.

Live Baits are a Must at Times

Striped bass can be caught on artificial lures, but to consistently catch big striped bass, many anglers have turned to using live baits because they work so much better.

Striped Bass School Up in Big Numbers

Striped bass are definitely a schooling fish and at times, anglers can find them in huge numbers during the summer and fall.  So if you can find them, there is a good chance you may catch a limit or more.  If you don’t find them, it can be a long day on the water.