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There are over 250 different species of rockfish.  Even though there are so many different species, they all have similar behaviors.  They are bottom feeders and they hang out in very deep water.  Most fishermen catch these fish in 100 to 300 feet of water.

Catching Rockfish

Heavy tackle is needed for rockfish, but not because of their size.  They are not huge, but you can catch some good-sized fish.  You need heavy tackle because you are fishing such deep water.  Heavy weights are a must to get you down a couple of hundred feet.  A heavy rod with 30 to 50 pound test is a must when fishing for rockfish.  The best baits for rockfish are herring and squid.  Make sure not to use soft baits when fishing for rockfish.  You don’t want to get your bait a couple of hundred feet down and have a rockfish pull your bait from the hook.  You will miss lots of fish and waste time bringing your line in to re-bait your hook.  Fishing for rockfish is fun and they taste excellent.


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