Surf Perch Fishing

There are more than 20 species of surf perch that are found along the inshore areas of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to San Diego.  Surf perch are one of the most popular types of fish caught along the beach.  You can find many perch in the surf ranging from 6 to 18 inches.  Surf perch provide some excellent action, especially for younger anglers.

Surf Fishing for Surf Perch

Surf perch are found along the beaches in the surf.  Cast your baits out just past the surf and you’ll find plenty of surf perch during the tidal changes.

Fishing Rigs & Techniques

You can keep it real simple when fishing for surf perch.  Use your favorite live bait or dead bait rig and get your bait close to where the fish are feeding.  A simple drop shot rig or fish finder rig will get the job done.

Recommended Tackle

Surf perch don’t get very big, so you don’t have to go very heavy with your tackle.  A medium to medium heavy rod with 10 to 12 pound test line works fine.  Some anglers go heavier, some go lighter.  The strength of the surf may dictate you going a little heavier or lighter as well.  Spinning gear is fine, but some anglers will use their baitcaster setups too.

Eating Surf Perch

Since most are small, they are often scaled and cooked whole.  The larger perch are filleted and cooked.  They taste excellent so they are worth spending some time cleaning.

Best Baits

Surf perch will eat a variety of baits.  Sand bugs, clam necks, mussels, chunks of anchovies and herring, prawns, and any of the sea worms are great baits for surf perch.  Some of the baits you may want to try are:


Cut Bait


Sand Shrimp

Best Lures

Finesse Worms

Best Fishing Rigs

Drop Shot Rig

Fish Finder Rig

Best Fishing Techniques

Still Fishing

Still fishing with live or dead baits is the most popular way to fish for surf perch.  Cast out your favorite bait in the surf and wait for the bite.

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