Fishing with Bloodworms as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Bloodworms have a pinkish color as their pale skin allows their red body fluids to show through.  They can be found on the bottoms of shallow marine waters.  Bloodworms are poor swimmers, but they are very good at burrowing into the sand and silt bottoms. Bloodworms work well for bluefish, sea trout, striped bass, whiting, flounder, porgy and others.

How to Catch Bloodworms

Most anglers will just buy bloodworms, however, some people do catch them to use them as bait.  You can dig for them or even pump them out of the sand on the beaches.  People find them by digging in the sand, looking under rocks, shells and moss.  It can be quite difficult though to find the bigger bloodworms in larger quantities.  Most people just choose to buy them instead.

Using Bloodworms as Bait

Fish them on your favorite live bait rig.  They work well on a variety of rigs.  Most anglers will fish them on a bottom rig like a fish finder rig or a drop shot rig.

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