Fishing with Leeches

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Leeches are great for so many different species.  They work well for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and panfish.  Leeches are very hardy.  By putting them in a container with some water, you can keep leeches alive for weeks.  Leeches tend to work much better once the water warms above 55 degrees.  When it’s colder, the leeches may curl up into a ball and just stay there.  When the water warms above 55 degrees, leeches become much livelier, which draws strikes from a variety of different fish.


hooking a leech behind the suckerHow to Hook a Leech (Behind the Sucker) – Most people hate hooking leeches, but it’s quite simple.  In this video, Kevin shows you how to hook them just behind the sucker.

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leeches in bulkBuying Leeches in Bulk – Kevin buys leeches in bulk every fishing season.  Learn more about the process in his video. Buying in bulk will save you time and money.
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tank videos

Small Leeches w/Videos

Medium Leeches w/Videos


Large Leeches (Jumbo Leeches) w/Videos

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Leech Fishing Tips & Techniques by Species

  • Bass – Largemouth | Smallmouth
  • Sunfish – Bluegill | Pumpkinseed | Rock Bass
  • Walleye


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