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Pound for pound, smallmouth bass are considered the strongest fighting freshwater fish by most anglers.  It is hard to disagree once you have spent some time fishing for smallmouth bass.  Whether you target monster smallies in the Great Lakes or in your favorite river, lake or stream, you will find a ton of fishing information in this section.

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Best of the Best

If you want to save some time, just go to the best of the best section.  If you want to learn as much as you can about catching smallmouth bass, scroll further below as well.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Basicssm basics
Learn the basics of smallmouth bass fishing. From rod and reel to habitat, line, lures, live baits, lures, rigs and more, we have the basics covered in this section.

Best SM Bass Destinationssm bass destinations
Plan an awesome smallmouth bass fishing trip.  We have the best destinations covered in this section.

Catch Bigger Smallmouth Basssm bass big bass
If you want to catch bigger smallmouth bass, we can help.  The destination is key, but once you find the right place, you need to know how to catch them.


sm bass luresLures for Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth bass will eat a variety of baits. Take a look at this section to find the best soft plastics and hard baits for catching smallies.

sm bass rigsRigs & Techniques
There are a variety of rigs and techniques that you should know about when targeting smallmouth bass.  Take a look at this section to learn more.

live bait lm bassLive & Natural Baits
When fishing for smallmouth bass with live baits and natural baits, it’s pretty easy. Minnow baits are best and there are several that will help you catch more fish.

sm bass weatherSeasonal & Weather
Learn how the weather and different seasons affect smallmouth bass fishing.

sm bass water depthsDifferent Types of Water & Depths
Learn how to fish for smallmouth bass in different types of water including a variety of different depths.

sm bass cover and structure

How Fish Relate to Cover & Structure
Learn how to find smallmouth bass around different cover and structure.



sm bass time of dayHow the Time of Day Affects SM Bass
Learn how the time of day affects smallmouth bass fishing.


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