Northern Pike Fishing


northern pikeNorthern pike are one of the most exciting freshwater fish to catch.  Whether they are attacking a lure next to the boat or trying to steal your walleye that you’re trying to catch, northern pike can always make your day on the water a little more exciting.  At times, northern pike can be fairly easy to catch because they will hit such a wide variety of live bait and artificial lures.

Northern Pike Fishing Basics (Quick Links)

Here are some quick links to the basics you should know about Northern Pike.  For more detailed information, take a look below.

line-3Northern Pike Fishing Videos Playlistkevin sewell youtube channel

line-3Fishing Lures for Northern Pike

line-3Fishing Rigs for Northern Pike

Popular Live Bait Rigs

Other Live Baits

Popular Rigs for Soft Plastics

  • Florida Rig
  • Shaky Head Jigs
  • Swimbait Hooks
  • Texas Rig

line-3Live Baits for Northern Pike


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