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Northern pike are one of the most exciting freshwater fish to catch.  Whether they are attacking a lure next to the boat or trying to steal your walleye that you’re trying to catch, northern pike can always make your day on the water a little more exciting.  At times, pike can be fairly easy to catch because they will hit such a wide variety of live baits and artificial lures and at other times, they may seem tough to catch just like any other fish out there.  To learn more about northern pike, we have tons of content in this section for you.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Northern Pike

Northern Pike Have Super Sharp Teeth

Pike can easily bite through fishing line and will tear through your flesh as well if you give them a chance.  Make sure you bring some steel leaders on the boat or know how to tie your own leaders to avoid the bite-offs.  Also, bring a good pair of needle nose pliers.

Pike Love Vegetation

Pike love weeds and there are a variety of weeds to fish.  Cabbage and reeds tend to be best when it comes to pike fishing.  The bays usually will have more vegetation on most lakes, so seek out the bays first if you’re searching for the weeds.  Find some deeper weed edges in these areas and you’ll most likely do much better.

Pike Love Flashy Lures

Any lure with a spinner on it will usually do a good job of attracting plenty of pike.  Obviously, you have to get the size right and present the bait in the right place, but the flashier the better it seems when fishing for northern pike.

Pike Prefer Colder Water


Pike Have Y-Bones Which Makes Filleting Them More Time Consuming