Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

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Largemouth bass are the most popular game fish that is targeted throughout the U.S. These fish are exciting to catch whether you are fishing for fun or competing in a bass tournament.  Whether you are a beginner or veteran, this section has a ton of information that will help you catch more bass.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Basics
Learn the basics of largemouth bass fishing. From rod and reel to habitat, line, lures, live baits, lures, rigs and more, we have the basics covered in this section.

Best Largemouth Bass Destinations
Plan an awesome largemouth bass fishing trip. We have the best destinations covered in this section.

Catch Bigger Largemouth Bass
If you want to catch bigger largemouth bass, we can help.  The destination is key, but once you find the right place, you need to know how to catch them.

Lures for Largemouth Bass
Largemouth bass will eat a variety of baits. Take a look at this section to find the best soft plastics and hard baits for catching them.

Rigs & Techniques
There are a variety of rigs and techniques that you should know about when targeting largemouth bass.  Take a look at this section to learn more.

Live & Natural Baits
When fishing for largemouth bass with live baits and natural baits, it’s pretty easy. Minnows, nightcrawlers and leeches all work well.  Learn more about the best ways to fish these baits for largemouth bass.

Seasonal & Weather
Learn how the weather and different seasons affect largemouth bass fishing.

Different Types of Water & Depths
Learn how to fish for largemouth bass in different types of water including a variety of different depths.

How LM Bass Relate to Cover & Structure
Learn how to find largemouth bass around different cover and structure.

How the Time of Day Affects LM Bass
Learn how the time of day affects largemouth bass fishing.

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