Freshwater Types of Live Bait & Natural Baits

Worms, Larvae, Natural Baits Minnows & Bait Fish
Common in Bait Shops Common in Bait Shops
Nightcrawlers Fathead Minnows
Red Worms Emerald Shiners
Spikes Rosey Red Minnows
Wax Worms
Other Baits Bigger Minnows
Boilies Creek Chubs
Bread Redtail Chubs
Chicken liver Golden Shiners
Corn Suckers
Crayfish | Soft Shell
Crickets & Grasshoppers Other Bait Fish Common as Bait
Cut Baits
Dough Baits Sunfish
Hellgrammites Yellow Perch
Hot Dogs Herring
Salmon Eggs Shad
 Stink Baits Smelt

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