Fishing with Herring

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Herring are a very common type of bait fish.  There are many different types of herring and they can be found in fresh or salt water.  While most herring are smaller, some can grow up to one and a half pounds.  They are a common bait fish for many salt water species and they work well for fresh water striped bass.

How to Catch Herring

Anglers usually use sabiki rigs to catch herring.  Tip the hooks with some shrimp or tiny pieces of cut bait to speed up the action.

Using Herring as Bait

Rig them alive on weightless rigs for fishing shallow water or higher in the water column.  Bottom rigs work great too when fishing deeper.  When using them as cut bait, a bottom rig is the way to go.

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