Fishing with Dough Baits

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Dough baits are popular baits for carp, catfish and trout.  While there are literally thousands of different recipes for these types of baits, most catfish and carp dough baits consist of cereal, bread and flour.  You can add many different ingredients to give it a unique flavor and texture.  Since many carp and catfish anglers make their own recipes, we could easily list 50 additional ingredients that are added to liver or cheese for catfish and carp anglers like adding corn, vanilla extract, strawberry pop, pet food, oatmeal and crackers.  Wheaties is probably the most popular cereal used for making your catfish and carp dough bait.  The majority of trout baits are bought.  Manufacturers, such as Berkley, have made some amazing products for trout so most anglers just purchase them from their local retailer.


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