Fishing with Bread

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Bread is a popular bait for carp and catfish.  Most anglers will use bread as a way of chumming, which means putting some bait in the water to draw fish to your area.  Chumming with bread will draw catfish and carp into the area and hopefully they will stay long enough to take your bait.  Using bread alone on a hook is difficult because it falls off easily, but there are many fishermen that use bread and have very good results.  If you chum in the same spot consistently for a few weeks, some fish will know to come back there for feeding time.  Once you get fish accustomed to a certain area for feeding, you can just throw enough bread in the water to get them excited.  Don’t throw a ton of bread in the water, just enough to get them excited.  Get your baits out where the fish are and you should have some success.

*Make sure you check the fishing regulations because chumming is illegal in some states.


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