Fishing with Cut Baits

Live Bait Fishing

Cut Baits are types of fish, crustaceans or other live baits that have been cut up to be used as bait.  Many anglers will store their cut bait in the freezer, while others buy it frozen from the store or bait shop and some anglers prefer catching live bait and cutting it up for bait as they need it to ensure their bait has the scent of a fresh bait.  Cut baits are very common and effective baits for catfish, but cut baits are much more prevalent in the salt water fishing community.  If you were to go to most fishing piers and check what anglers are using for bait, you will find that the majority of them are using some type of cut bait.  It can be pieces of shrimp, squid or any other type of live bait that has been cut up and used for bait.  Cut baits are very effective for a variety of saltwater species and as we said above, very effective baits for fresh water catfish.


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