Fishing with Mullet as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Mullet are a very popular bait used for saltwater fishing, especially from the Carolinas down to Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico.  They work well for a variety of fish such as redfish, snook, sea trout, striped bass, bluefish and tarpon.  Most smaller fish can be caught with cut pieces of mullet.

How to Catch Mullet

Many anglers use cast nets to catch mullet for bait.  They can be caught near shore or inshore.  Mullet can also be purchased at local bait and tackle shops and in grocery stores.

Using Mullet as Bait

Live mullet can be awesome bait.  Smaller, finger mullet work for most inshore species and the larger mullet will work for many other fish such as tarpon, striped bass, sharks and more.  Fish them on a weightless rig or bottom rig.  Mullet work great fished a variety of different ways.

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