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Canada is home to some of the best fishing for northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, muskie, perch, crappie, salmon, trout and other fish too.  There are so many destinations to visit and the fishing can be flat out awesome here.  Before you go, know the current Border Crossing information so you can get over the border with no problems.

Best Big Water Destinations

There are so many areas to fish, but if you’re just starting to explore the fishing in Canada, you may want to learn about some of the best fish lake fisheries that are home to many resorts that are ready to help put you on fish.  The advantage of fishing the bigger lakes is that there is more potential for big numbers of fish and trophy fish too.  However, bigger lakes are often harder to fish than smaller lakes, so do your research to figure out what is best for you and your family.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is probably the most popular lake to visit in Canada.  The lake is huge, so we broke it into different sections.

MN South Shore

Arguably one of the best walleye fishing destinations in the United States.  This is big water fishing and there are plenty of resorts here.

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Northwest Angle

This is a drive to destination that sends you from the United States into Canada and then back into the United States.  Once you pull up a map, you will understand better.  The fishing is awesome here with some big open water opportunities and plenty of places to get out of the wind.  Muskie, pike, walleye, perch, crappie and more.

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Rainy River

This is a timing thing.  The spring, early summer and fall are best, however, you can catch fish here all year long if you spend time and learn the river.  This has one of the best walleye runs you will ever experience in the spring.  Sturgeon, pike and some smallmouth bass too.

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Kenora is one of the best fishing vacation destinations you can visit.  It is still Canada fishing at its finest, but you will actually see people here, plenty of boats, houses and lots of businesses in the town.  This is one of the destinations that many men have no problem talking their wives into visiting.  You can easily come here and have many of the same conveniences that you have back home.  If you want to get away from the boats, take a 20 to 30 minute boat ride out to more secluded water.  The fishing is awesome here for smallmouth bass.  There are so many bass here.  Walleye, pike, muskie, perch, crappie and even some largemouth bass too.

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Nestor Falls

Nestor Falls is home to Lake of the Woods.  This part of the lake is not super crowded, but there is still plenty here to help you have an awesome fishing vacation.  Lake of the Woods is known for its excellent fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie and more.  You can catch so many different species of fish here.  There are also some other lakes in this area with resorts and outfitters available to help with your stay.  Crow Lake (Kakagawi) and Crooked Pine Lake are home to fishing resorts and there are multiple fly-in fishing companies who fly out of this area as well.

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Sioux Narrows

Sioux Narrows is an awesome vacation destination.  It is right on Lake of the Woods.  Located in between Nestor Falls and Kenora, you will definitely find some areas where you won’t see another boater.  This area is known as an awesome smallmouth bass destination.  Around some of the vegetation, you may also find some nice largemouth bass here too.  The northern pike fishing is very good and many muskie anglers have success down here too.  The walleye fishing can be good, but depending on where you are staying here, you may be in for a little bit of a boat ride to find the better walleye fishing.  The water is clear in this area, so you may have to go with lighter line or use fluorocarbon to get more bites.

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The Morson area of Lake of the Woods is a nice vacation destination for those of you that are looking to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors.  The scenery is beautiful here and you won’t find the crowds here, that’s for sure.  This area is unique because it gives you access to some big open water and you can also fish some of the protected waters around all the islands that are great for fishing when the winds pick up.  Anglers target walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, muskie and more here.

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Lac Seul

Lac Seul may be the best drive to lake in Canada that gives you the opportunity to catch huge numbers of walleye to go along with big fish too.  Walleye, muskie, pike and smallmouth bass are available.  You will find more muskie and smallmouth bass on the eastern part of this lake.  Pike and walleye are all over the lake in good numbers.

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Red Lake, Ontario

Red Lake is a town and a lake.  There are several lakes in the area and the fishing is incredible for northern pike and walleye.  Lake trout and some other fish are here too, but the pike and walleye are king here.  It’s a long drive to get here, but there are a surprising amount of resorts and services here to help make your trip a memorable one.

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Eagle Lake

Another good Canadian drive-in lake for muskie, pike, walleye and smallmouth bass.  You can find a lot of trophy-sized fish in Eagle Lake.  It is a huge lake and you may have to put some time in to find good numbers of fish, but they are in here and at times, the fishing can be outstanding.

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Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake is right on the border of Minnesota & Canada.  This lake is a great lake for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and crappie.  Because of its location, you don’t have to travel way into Canada to experience awesome fishing.  You may have to make an occasional long boat ride to catch the numbers of fish you are looking for, but if you put in a little work, you can catch a lot of fish here with some trophy fish too.

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