Wahoo Fishing


wahooWahoo are an offshore fish that are known for their tremendous speed and excellent strength.  Known as ono in Hawaii, wahoo are an excellent fish for eating, which helps make them such a popular game fish among saltwater anglers.  They are often caught in very deep water.  Many offshore fishing charters will troll for other fish, but they are known to set up one rod very deep for an occasional wahoo.  While some fishing charters may go out and target these fish, most of the time, wahoo are considered a bonus fish.  Either way, they are a lot of fun to catch and they provide some excellent table fare.

Wahoo Fishing Basics

Fishing Rigs for Wahoo

  • Saltwater Trolling Lures

Live Baits for Wahoo

Below are some of the best live baits that are used for catching wahoo.


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