Offshore Trolling (Saltwater)

Deep Sea – Offshore Fishing

Trolling is where anglers usually set up several rods off the back of the boat and then use their big motor to keep their baits moving through the water.  Some anglers will use their trolling motors to troll slower with live baits, but most anglers think of trolling as using their big motor.  Some of the larger charter boats will have a full spread of 8 to 10 rods out that have a variety of baits that cover many different depths.

Popular Offshore Trolling Fish

The mahi-mahi (in Hawaiian) is also known as dolphin-fish or dorado, calitos, maverikos, or lampuki (in Maltese).  They are surface-dwelling ray-finned fish that are found in offshore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide.  These fish are blue with yellow on their sides and belly.  They also have areas of green on their back.  Dolphin fish are found worldwide in warm ocean waters.  These fish can grow to more than 70 pounds.  They are often caught on accident by anglers trolling for marlin and tuna.  Continue reading….


black marlin

Marlin are considered one of the most prized fish of all freshwater and saltwater game fish.  Marlin grow very big and they display incredible strength combined with extraordianary speed for a fish.  They are known to swim faster than 65 mph.  For more detailed information on the different types of marlin, take a look at the following links:   White MarlinStriped Marlin, Blue Marlin and Black Marlin.



Sailfish are found on the west coast, gulf coast, throughout Florida and up to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.  These fish can be found offshore.  They are known for their acrobatic jumps and tail walks along the surface.  The Pacific Sailfish grows to about twice the size of Atlantic Sailfish.  Pacific Sailfish can grow up to 250 pounds.  Continue reading….



Swordfish can be found throughout the entire world in warm waters.  Commercial fisheries have reduced the populations of swordfish, but there are still many available and they are worth traveling many miles to catch.  They are very big and they are very exciting to catch.  Continue reading….


Tuna are some of the more popular ocean-dwelling fish.  This fish is in high demand among commercial fishermen and sport fishermen.  Tuna are extremely fast swimmers that put up a tremendous fight and they also taste great on the dinner table.  There are many species of tuna, but some of the most popular species among anglers are the albacore tuna, blackfin tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna.


Wahoo are an offshore fish that are known for their tremendous speed and excellent strength.  Known as ono in Hawaii, wahoo are an excellent fish for eating, which helps make them such a popular game fish among saltwater anglers.  They are often caught in very deep water.  Many offshore fishing charters will troll for other fish, but they are known to set up one rod very deep for an occasional wahoo.  While some fishing charters may go out and target these fish, most of the time, wahoo are considered a bonus fish.  Continue reading….


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