Offshore Fishing for Wahoo

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Wahoo are found offshore in water that is usually deeper than 100 feet.  These fish are extremely fast and it is not uncommon to see fishing boats trolling at speeds from 12 to 20 knots (approximately 13 to 23 mph).  Some anglers may think 20 knots is a little fast, but wahoo can reach speeds of 60 mph and they prey on other fish that swim over 20 mph.

Some of the better places to fish offshore are near steep drop-offs, around big temperature changes, floating debris and around schools of bait fish in open water.  If you find some diving birds offshore, you may want to hurry over to the spot.  The birds are feeding on bait fish and there’s a good chance that bigger fish have pushed the bait fish up to the surface.  There will not always be wahoo around these schools of bait fish, but there will be something available to catch and there may be a wahoo or two that are willing to eat your baits.


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