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The spotted bass is similar in appearance to the largemouth bass.  Unlike the largemouth, the spotted bass has scales on the base portion of the second dorsal fin; its first and second dorsal fin are clearly connected, and its upper jaw does not extend past the eye.  Above the lateral line there are dark markings, and below the lateral line the scales have dark bases that give rise to the linear rows of small spots which are responsible for the common name.  Spotted bass grow slower than largemouth bass and they don’t get as big either.  As far as fishing for spotted bass, you can catch spotted bass with the same baits that you will use for largemouth bass, however, fishing for spotted bass is way more similar to fishing for smallmouth bass.  Use smaller baits, fish deeper and find the rocks.

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 Spotted bass are found throughout the Ohio river basin as well as the central and lower Mississippi river basin. The species may be found in Gulf Coast states from Texas east to Florida.   You can also find them out west in some lakes and reservoirs.  Spotted bass are not nearly as abundant as their largemouth bass and smallmouth bass counterparts.

Spotted Bass are Found in Warmer States

While spotted bass are very pelagic at times and are found roaming deeper waters on many lakes and reservoirs, these lakes are a lot warmer than you will find up north.  Spotted bass fish similar to smallmouth bass up north, however, the cool, deep waters that smallmouth bass roam in are a lot cooler than the lakes and reservoirs down south.  Spotted bass prefer the deeper, cooler waters, but they do well with warmer water temperatures.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

In clear water, go lighter with 6 to 8 pound line and use fluorocarbon leaders.  In murkier waters, you can go heavier, however, 10 to 12 pound line is fine for most situations.

Make sure to take a look at our fishing line recommendations for Spotted Bass page to learn more.

Fishing Rod & Reel Recommendations

Anglers usually use spinning rods and reels as well as baitcasters to fish for spotted bass.  In clear water, you may want to finesse it up and break out the spinning gear.  In murkier water, the baitcasters work great.  On lakes with bigger spotted bass, the baitcasters may be better.

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