Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig works well for catching largemouth bass.  The rig is used mostly to fish deeper water around points, near weed edges, and on offshore structure.  Some anglers will fish them shallower, especially in murky water, but for most anglers, it’s a deeper water presentation.

Best Baits on a Carolina Rig for Largemouth Bass

Creature Baits

Creature baits look great, especially if they have some swimming legs on them.  You can crawl these baits along the bottom and drive bass crazy.

Curly Tail Worms

Curly tail worms work well on a Carolina rig.  Just make sure you use a heavy enough weight to give the curly tail worm some kick to it as you move the bait through the water.

Finesse Worms

Finesse worms work great with more of a jerkbait type retrieve.  A slight jerk and a pause will get you plenty of bites.

Paddle Tail Worms

Paddle tail worms also great with more of a jerkbait type retrieve.


Lizards are one of the best baits to use on a Carolina rig.  Crawl them along the bottom or hop them along.  Mix in some pauses to get more bites.

Soft Plastic Minnows

A jerkbait retrieve works great with soft plastic minnows on a Carolina rig.  Pick your favorite jerkbait type minnow and get to work.

Crayfish Baits

Crayfish baits look great when fished along the bottom on a Carolina rig.


Tubes can be hopped along the bottom with a jerkbait retrieve too.  You will get more bites with a slight jerk and pause retrieve.

Carolina Rig & Live Baits

When largemouth bass go deep, a Carolina rig and live bait is a great way to fish for them.


Work a nightcrawler along the bottom with a Carolina rig and you’ll catch a lot of bass.  Hook the nightcrawler in the head of the worm for more bites.


Leeches can be very effective on a Carolina rig.  Work it slowly along the bottom and let the leech do most of the work for you.


Minnows are also great baits on a Carolina rig.  Let the minnows swim freely and you’ll get plenty of bites.

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