White Bass Fishing Tips


white bassWhite bass are silver, but they have horizontal black stripes that are unbroken above the lateral line.  The lines below the lateral line are barely visible and irregular.  The horizontal stripes on a white bass usually stop just short of the tail.   White bass are known for their spring migrations up rivers and streams in the spring, but they are also found in large bodies of water, particularly reservoirs.  White bass are also known for schooling up on bait fish such as shad in open water.  At times, huge schools of white bass will push hundreds of shad to the surface.  Anglers can typically see birds circling above the action.  Lots of shad will be boiling on the surface and the white bass will be right there chasing the shad.  With a good pair of binoculars, you can see these “jumps” from a good ways away.  Get into the action with a shad-like lure and you can have a blast.  White bass are not nearly as big as striped bass.  A 15 inch bass is a nice-sized white bass anywhere in the country.


White bass are found in many different lakes, reservoirs and rivers.  They are often found in the tailwaters below dams and spillways, especially during the spring and fall.  They can be found near many different types of cover such as rock, wood, weeds, bridges and out in open water chasing bait fish through the summer months.

How to Catch White Bass

White bass can be caught with live bait and artificial lures.  Live minnows are the preferred bait for most anglers, but nightcrawlers will also work.  Some of the popular lures for catching white bass are spinners, curly tail grubs, small crankbaits, jigging spoons and blade baits.

Eating White Bass

Some anglers really like eating white bass, while others consider them no good.  White bass are edible and if you cut the red meat lateral line out of the fillets, they will taste much better.  Some people will also soak them in milk over night and this will help take some of the fishy taste away.


White Bass Fishing Basics


Fishing Rigs for White Bass


Fishing Lures for White Bass


  • Jigging Minnows
  • Hair Jigs

Soft Plastics

  • Grubs
  • Minnow Baits
  • Ring Worms


  • Crankbaits


  • In-Line Spinners
  • Spinner Rigs


  • Jigging Spoons


Live Baits for White Bass


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