Pigfish Fishing Tips

Pigfish make a great bait for catching bottom fish as well as tarpon.  Most anglers don’t catch a lot of pigfish at once, but when you do catch a few, put them in your bait bucket.  Pigfish are best for still fishing or with a very slow drift.  You can use them as cut bait too though, as most saltwater species of fish will eat some cut bait.

How to Catch Pigfish

sabiki rig usually works well and while you may catch a lot more pinfish compared to pigfish in most spots, this is one of the better ways to catch them.  Some anglers chum them up and when the fish are heavy in an area, a cast net will work well too.  You can also just use a single hook and weight with a piece of shrimp or cut bait.  A simple drop shot rig works well.

Using Pigfish as Bait

Pigfish are great baits for so many species of fish.  Many anglers use them for trout, redfish and snook, but these are just some of the fish that will eat these baits.

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