Smallmouth Bass

The area lakes are known for having good smallmouth bass fishing, so if you want to target them, you can definitely catch some bass.  There are some trophy fish available too, but you are going to find more numbers here with bass in the 2 to 2.5 pound range being fairly common.  Anglers do catch some big smallmouth bass here too, so don’t be shocked if you run into a 4 or 5 pound smallmouth bass here.  In the clearer waters up here, use lighter line and fluorocarbon leaders.  6 pound test will work fine, however, you’re going to get bit off by northern pike a lot if you’re using flashy lures.  So stick to the baits that pike won’t bite as much and you’ll do better.  Soft plastic finesse worms and crayfish baits are great baits to use.

Learn More About Smallmouth Bass

Our smallmouth bass section is huge with information on the best live baits, lures, where to catch them and how to catch them.  Visit our smallmouth bass page to learn more.