Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake is a good-sized lake with a lot to offer.  The east end of the lake has stained water with lots of weed beds in bays, some islands and reefs too.  The western side of the lake has clearer water with deeper weeds, points and plenty of rocks.  This lake provides good fishing for a variety of fish, however, it is well known for its trophy muskie fishery.  Anglers target walleye, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass and perch here.

Walleye Fishing

Cedar Lake is a very good walleye lake.  With its two different sections, it gives anglers plenty of water to fish.  For many anglers, Cedar Lake is a very good numbers lake with some big fish too.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Cedar Lake is a very good smallmouth bass lake.  Most anglers will catch smallmouth bass while targeting walleye, but if you target them, you can have a lot of success here.

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Northern Pike Fishing

Cedar Lake is known more for its muskie fishing, but it is also a solid northern pike fishery.  Most anglers that come here for muskie will also catch some big pike since these fish will go after many of the popular muskie baits.  If you want to target northern pike, there are plenty of weeds, deeper shorelines and rock structure that will hold pike from spring through fall.

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Panfish Fishing


Crappie were considered an invasive species to Cedar Lake, but they have become very popular to many anglers who come here to fish.  There are plenty of other anglers who are not so happy about the crappie in the lake, but at this point, they are here to stay.  Cedar Lake has good numbers of crappie and some absolute giants that are more typical of lakes in the southern half of the U.S.

Yellow Perch

Cedar Lake is full of perch.  You may have to work to find some of the bigger jumbo perch, but they are available here.  If you’re just looking for some action, perch are tough to beat as you can find them all over Cedar Lake.

Muskie Fishing

Cedar Lake is one of the better drive to muskie fishing lakes in Ontario.  It is a great lake for a variety of different fish and there are good numbers of a variety of species of fish.  Those huge numbers of other fish give a lot of muskie plenty of food to eat year round, which helps to create such an amazing fishery.  Eagle Lake probably gets more attention for its muskie fishery, but Cedar Lake is at least in the conversation when you talk about great muskie lakes in Ontario.  Anglers can have multiple fish days here with big fish above 50″ a definitely possibility if you put in the time.

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