The Perrault Falls area has some incredible fishing for panfish available.  Perch used to be the main panfish that anglers would target, but now crappie are available in several of the lakes here with some awesome crappie fishing in Cedar Lake.


Cedar Lake

Crappie were considered an invasive species to Cedar Lake, but they have become very popular to many anglers who come here to fish.  There are plenty of other anglers who are not so happy about the crappie in the lake, but at this point, they are here to stay.  Cedar Lake has good numbers of crappie and some absolute giants that are more typical of lakes in the southern half of the U.S.

Perrault Lake

Crappie are secondary on Perrault Lake, but anglers do catch crappie while targeting walleye and perch.  Crappie have become more popular in this area in some of the area lakes and they keep showing up in some of the reports out of Perrault Lake as well.  If you’re looking to target crappie, nearby Cedar Lake has become a pretty good crappie lake with lots of big fish too.

Wabaskang Lake

Crappie are secondary on Wabaskang Lake, but anglers do target them here, especially during the spring time.  Some people do catch good numbers of them with some big fish too.  Other anglers might not run into any crappie while on a trip here.  If you’re looking to target crappie and you can’t find them on Wabaskang, take a look at nearby Cedar Lake.  It has become a pretty good lake for crappie for numbers and very big crappie too.

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Yellow Perch

Cliff Lake

Perch are considered a bonus fish here, but some anglers do find some nice schools of them here as they target lake trout or walleye.

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake is full of perch.  You may have to work to find some of the bigger jumbo perch, but they are available here.  If you’re just looking for some action, perch are tough to beat as you can find them all over Cedar Lake.

Perrault Lake

Perch are found in large numbers in Perrault Lake.  Find the weeds and you’ll find some perch.  Early in the year, there are plenty of big perch in the bays around the weeds.  In summer and fall, perch will move around a lot, so you may have to move around quite a bit to find the schools of them as well.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find some of these fish if that’s what you want to target on a trip here.  Perrault Lake has a lot of perch and plenty of jumbo perch are here too.

Wabaskang Lake

Perch are found in large numbers in Wabaskang Lake.  Many anglers will target them here.  The spring and early summer is probably the easiest time to catch them while they are still shallow, but you can usually find lots of perch on the weed edges from spring through fall.  Perch do move around a lot and will also be found in open water and on the rock humps, so if you are here in the summer or fall, don’t rule out some of the offshore waters if you’re not having luck along the weed edges.

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