Perrault Lake Panfish Fishing


Crappie are secondary on Perrault Lake, but anglers do catch crappie while targeting walleye and perch.  Crappie have become more popular in this area in some of the area lakes and they keep showing up in some of the reports out of Perrault Lake as well.  If you’re looking to target crappie, nearby Cedar Lake has become a pretty good crappie lake with lots of big fish too.

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Yellow Perch

Perch are found in large numbers in Perrault Lake.  Find the weeds and you’ll find some perch.  Early in the year, there are plenty of big perch in the bays around the weeds.  In summer and fall, perch will move around a lot, so you may have to move around quite a bit to find the schools of them as well.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find some of these fish if that’s what you want to target on a trip here.  Perrault Lake has a lot of perch and plenty of jumbo perch are here too.

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