Scrounger Jigheads

The Scrounger Jighead works well for smallmouth bass.  The key is finding out which soft plastics will work best with these jigheads.  Some baits work great while others don’t look good at all.  A slow and steady retrieve is the key to giving these baits their action.  Use these lures around shallow water cover such as weeds, docks, wood and rocks and you will catch plenty of smallmouth bass.

Best Baits on a Scrounger Jighead for Smallmouth Bass

Minnow Baits

Minnow baits are great baits on a scrounger jighead.  This type of jighead creates an awesome swimming action with many of the minnow baits are on the market.  A slow and steady retrieve works great.

Finesse Worms

Finesse worms also look great on a scrounger jighead.  Most anglers swim these baits slowly, however, a jig and fall retrieve can be effective too with the finesse worms.


Ringworms are awesome baits on a scrounger jighead.  Bring them in with a slow and steady retrieve or jig them up off the bottom.  Both techniques work great.