Wabaskang Lake

Wabaskang Lake is a good lake for a variety of fish.  With moderately stained water, the lake is very productive and not as difficult to fish as some of the very clear water lakes in the area.  Anglers target good numbers of northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass and perch.  Lake trout and white fish are here also.  If you want numbers and some big fish potential too, Wabaskang Lake is a good place to fish.

Walleye Fishing

Wabaskang Lake is a very good walleye lake.  With its stained waters, many anglers report that it is much easier to catch walleye here throughout the day than the other big lakes in this area.  Good numbers of walleye are here with some big fish too.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Wabaskang Lake is a good smallmouth bass fishery.  Anglers that target them will usually report good numbers of them with some big fish too.  From spring through fall, smallmouth bass seem willing to cooperate on the stained waters here.

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Northern Pike Fishing

Wabaskang Lake is a good northern pike lake.  With the stained waters, bright-colored lures tend to work better here as anglers report good catches from spring through fall.  With the stained waters, you can catch pike a lot shallower here than on nearby Cedar Lake and Perrault Lake.  If you come here to target pike, you can catch good numbers of them with some big fish too.

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Panfish Fishing


Crappie are secondary on Wabaskang Lake, but anglers do target them here, especially during the spring time.  Some people do catch good numbers of them with some big fish too.  Other anglers might not run into any crappie while on a trip here.  If you’re looking to target crappie and you can’t find them on Wabaskang, take a look at nearby Cedar Lake.  It has become a pretty good lake for crappie for numbers and very big crappie too.

Yellow Perch

Perch are found in large numbers in Wabaskang Lake.  Many anglers will target them here.  The spring and early summer is probably the easiest time to catch them while they are still shallow, but you can usually find lots of perch on the weed edges from spring through fall.  Perch do move around a lot and will also be found in open water and on the rock humps, so if you are here in the summer or fall, don’t rule out some of the offshore waters if you’re not having luck along the weed edges.

Muskie Fishing

Wabaskang Lake does have muskie, but they are here in very low numbers.  Most anglers will never see a muskie, but occasionally, you will see a picture of a big muskie in a report from Wabaskang Lake.  If you are looking to target muskie in the Perrault Falls area, take a look at Cedar Lake or Thadeus Lake.