Fishing with Eels as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Eels are hated by most fishermen.  They can be a mess and they are hard to handle.  However, eels can be an incredible bait, especially for targeting big fish.  Eels in the 8 to 16 inch range seem to work best for bait, although fishermen have success with much larger eels.  Some of the fish that eat eels are striped bass and tuna.

How to Catch Eels

Eels are pretty easy to catch.  You can use a hook and line and these fish are usually in the backwaters that eventually feed into the ocean.  Shallower flats near deeper water are usually good spots to target them.  Cut bait works great and most anglers prefer using heavier line with a heavier rod and reel so it’s easier to control them.  You don’t need real heavy gear though.  Some people hand line them, which means no rod or reel at all.

Using Eels as Bait

They can be a pain to handle for most people, but they are such good baits for big striped bass that there are plenty of anglers who go through the work to get these eels for bait.  Rig them weightless or on your favorite bottom rig depending on where you are fishing and make sure you use a big enough hook for the size of the bait you are using.

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