Best Techniques


Drifting is a very popular technique to fish for perch, especially when the wind is blowing a little bit and when the fish are in deeper water.

Still Fishing

Whether you are fishing under a bobber or float or in deeper water, many anglers have a lot of success by fishing still for perch.  Fish a weed bed in shallow water or a drop off near the reefs.  If you can find a bunch of fish in one specific area, you can anchor the boat and just wait for the bites.  It won’t always be the most productive ways to fish, but at times, these fish school up in such big numbers that you can just sit on a spot until the bite slows.


Trolling can be very effective.  Most anglers like to troll those spinner rigs for walleye and they catch perch while targeting walleye.  You can use smaller minnows or half nightcrawlers if you want to target perch specifically with these rigs.  You can troll some other lures too, but the spinner rigs are by far the most popular way to do it.

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