Best Rigs

Bobbers or floats are great ways to present your bait to perch in the shallows.  It’s one of the better ways to target perch when they are hanging around the shallow weeds in the spring time.

The drop shot rig is one of the better rigs to use for yellow perch.  Rig your favorite bait on there and fish it around all types of cover, shallow or deep.  It’s an awesome rig.

The double hook drop shot rig is a great rig for targeting perch.  When the perch are schooled up, you can often get doubles by fishing this way.  You can also try 2 different baits at once to see what bait the perch prefer on any given day.

Jigheads are great for perch fishing.  Use the smaller jigheads to rig your worms, small minnows and other baits.

Jig & Stinger Hook


Since perch can be known for biting short at times, a jighead rigged with a stinger hook is a great way to put some of those bigger perch in the boat that are biting your minnows a little bit short.

The split shot rig is a great shallow water presentation.  It also works well for targeting some of the suspended perch out over deeper water.  For example, if there were a bunch of fish 10 feet down over 20 feet of water, the split shot rig is a nice rig for dropping a bait slowly through the water column where these fish are located.

Slip bobbers are great for when you need to get down deeper without fishing on the bottom.

Spinner rigs are great rigs for targeting perch.  Most anglers catch perch with these rigs while targeting walleye.  If you want to specifically target perch with them though, you totally can.  Cast them and wind them in with a steady retrieve or troll them.  Trolling is more popular, but both techniques work.

Weedless jigs are great for fishing around the weeds and wood.  These lighter, finesse-styled weedless jigs work great around the wood and scattered vegetation.  Rig a small minnow or worm on these jigheads and you should be able to catch some perch.