Lac Seul

The Ear Falls area is a great area to fish because you can find fish super close to the boat launch throughout the entire fishing season.  During the summer and fall, many anglers will run several miles from camp, but there are fish close by if you want to stay closer to your resort.  This part of Lac Seul provides good numbers of fish to go along with plenty of trophy fish too.

The Spring Walleye Spawn

This part of the lake is known for its incredible spring walleye fishing because this is the part of the lake where tons of fish will spawn.  You will find a lot of boats here in the spring, but the fishing is unbelievable if you time it right.  Walleye move into the “Fish Sanctuary”

Wenasaga River “The Fish Sanctuary”

No fishing – from April 1 to June 14

Wenasaga River – from the first rapids upstream from Lac Seul approximately 3 km downstream to the last group of islands.

The water flows from Lake Wenasaga down into Lac Seul.  The river is not navigable, so it serves as a barrier between the two lakes.  During the spring, anglers fish the mouth of this river where fishing is allowed.  You can’t enter the fish sanctuary in the spring, however, you can fish outside of it and the fishing is very good.

In the summer and fall, you can drive your boat all the way up to the rapids area.  While some fish will remain in this area, the fishing usually is much better out on the main lake.

The Current Near the Bridge Above the Dam

This area is where the water starts to pull near the bridge.  The water is being pulled towards the dam and this forms a current area which is basically a short section of river.  This area gives anglers the option to river fish without having to take the boat out and re-launch their boat below the dam.  It is a short stretch of water, but it can be very productive from spring through fall.

Sawmill Bay

Sawmill Bay is a large bay on the northern part of Lac Seul east of Ear Falls, Ontario.  This bay has lots to offer with smaller bays within the bay as well as islands, points and neck-down areas.  Anglers target walleye and pike in this bay.  It is usually much better early in the year as walleye and pike move to this part of the lake to spawn.

Main Lake

The main lake is pretty wide open on this part of the lake, so when the wind blows, you are somewhat limited if you don’t come here with a big enough boat.  Fish the rocky shorelines, reefs, islands, points, neck-down areas or swing into one of the many bays on this part of the lake.

Lac Seul Walleye Fishing

The Ear Falls area of Lac Seul is an outstanding walleye fishing destination.  The fishing is great here for the opener as thousands of walleye move up into the fish sanctuary to spawn.  The river is off limits to fishing early in the year, but you can catch plenty of walleye in the mouth just outside of the sanctuary as well as throughout the northern part of Lac Seul.

In summer and fall, many anglers make longer boat rides to catch walleye, but there are plenty of walleye in the area if you choose to stay close.  You can catch walleye in the current area just south of the bridge above the dam from spring through fall.  The islands, points, neck-down areas and rocky shorelines hold plenty of fish here too.

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Lac Seul Northern Pike Fishing

For most anglers, northern pike are caught incidentally while fishing for walleye.  You can target walleye all day and still end up catching plenty of pike.  Target walleye with minnow baits and you’ll catch more northern pike than you would with worms and leeches.

You won’t find tons of weeds here like you will find on many of the better northern pike waters in Ontario, but that doesn’t mean the pike aren’t here.  Plan on fishing a lot of rocky areas on a trip here.

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The Rest of Lac Seul

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