Pakwash Lake

Pakwash Lake is located just north of Ear Falls and just south of Red Lake.  This is a very good fishing area up here and Pakwash Lake can hold its own for sure.  This lake doesn’t get a ton of fishing pressure, although, you will see some other boats while out here.

Anglers report very good fishing for walleye and pike in Pakwash Lake.  Smallmouth bass, muskie, whitefish and perch are also available, but most anglers come here for the walleye and pike fishing just like most of the area waters up here.  Good numbers of fish are here with some big fish too.

Walleye Fishing

Pakwash Lake is a very good walleye lake.  Many people come here to visit every year and the fishing is so good that they never feel the need to go to nearby Lac Seul.  Anglers have the option to fish current, rocky shorelines, points, bays and offshore structure.  Anglers catch good numbers of walleye here with big fish too.

Northern Pike Fishing

There are lots of northern pike on Pakwash Lake and some very big pike too.  It is fairly common to hear of 40 inch pike caught here with some absolute giants caught that are several inches bigger.  You do have some bays to fish, but plan on fishing plenty of rock structure offshore, islands and current areas at the north and south end of the lake.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth bass are secondary here, but many anglers do catch them and if you target them, you can definitely catch quite a few of them.  Fish the rocky shorelines, steeper drop-offs, points and offshore structure and you’ll find some smallmouth bass.  Most anglers catch them in bigger numbers during the spring when they move into the shallows to spawn.