Fishing Calendar

Fishing Ear Falls, Ontario in the Spring

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 30° / 9°
April 47° / 25°
May 62° / 39°

This area is very popular early in the year.  When the walleye opener arrives, Lac Seul is full of boats as anglers want to get here as the walleye move out of the river and back into the lake.  It seems like thousands and thousands of walleye will move out of the Wenasaga River back to Lac Seul in the Ear Falls area.  Anglers catch tons of walleye and lots of big fish up to and above 30 inches are possible.  The pike fishing can be very good here too.  Lac Seul gets most of the attention early in the season, but there is also good fishing in the other area waters.

Fishing Ear Falls, Ontario in the Summer

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 71° / 49°
July 76° / 55°
August 73° / 53°

When summer rolls around, walleye and pike will move to their summer hangouts, so plan on fishing plenty of offshore structures no matter what lake you are fishing.  Northern pike and walleye will bite well all through the summer.  You just have to find these schools of fish and you’ll catch a lot of fish here on the area lakes and rivers.

Fishing Ear Falls, Ontario in the Fall

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 60° / 43°
October 46° / 32°
November 28° / 15°

It gets cold pretty early up here, so you won’t have too many weeks of comfortable weather up here in the fall.  The fishing is still very good through September and into October, however, not too many people plan trips here in early October due to the colder weather.  Lots of fish will move back into shallower water before eventually going deeper as late fall arrives.  As fish put the feed bag on to get ready for winter, you can catch some very large walleye and pike.

Fishing Ear Falls, Ontario in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 12° / -3°
January 8° / -10°
February 16° / -4°

Many camps will close down for the winter, however, there are some businesses still open in the winter.  Even though it gets super cold here in the winters, there is a lot of moving water in the area that makes areas unsafe.  Some anglers take advantage of the smaller lakes in the area for walleye, pike and lake trout.  There are still plenty of places to fish on the bigger, popular lakes and if you get out on them, northern pike and walleye should cooperate all winter long.