English River System

The English River system is just below the dam in Ear Falls.  For many anglers, the river is a nice option when the winds are blowing and Lac Seul is too rough for comfort.  However, the river should be an option without crazy winds because the fishing is awesome on the English River system.

The average size walleye is not quite as big as up on Lac Seul, but the numbers are here with some big fish and it’s usually a lot easier to find the fish than on Lac Seul.  Mix in the awesome pike fishing and it’s tough to beat this river system.  You may also find smallmouth bass, perch and an occasional muskie too.

Walleye Fishing

At times, the walleye fishing can be ridiculous on the river.  Most anglers will fish just below the dam.  If the waters aren’t too rough, this is one of the best spots to consistently catch lots of walleye on the river.  If you work your way down the river, you can find walleye in the main river channel, at the mouths of several feeder creeks around a few islands and at times, up along the shorelines too.

Northern Pike Fishing

In the English River, many anglers target pike below the dam.  You can catch good numbers of pike in this area unless the current is too strong.  When the current is roaring, the better bite will be downstream.  You can find pike around the current breaks, in the main river channel and around many of the feeder creeks.  Some very big pike are caught in this river every year, so don’t be shocked if you run into some nice pike here.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth bass are secondary here, however, there are some lakes downstream that have some very good smallmouth bass fishing.  In the river just below the dam, anglers will catch some smallmouth bass.  As you go farther downstream, fish the rocks, drop-offs and current breaks and you may run into some bass.  Most of the river will have a lot more pike and walleye though, so don’t be shocked if you get a lot more bites from these toothy critters.

Muskie Fishing

The English River isn’t loaded with muskie, but there are some in the river and every once in a while, you will hear of some huge muskie caught here.  Some anglers will specifically target them and there are enough big pike in the river to give you some action in case you cast for muskie all day and don’t find any.

Perch Fishing

Perch are secondary on the English River here, but there are some perch around.  If you find some schools of them, enjoy catching them while you can.  You will usually find a lot more walleye.