Lake Wenasaga

Lake Wenasaga is unique in that it is a major spawning lake for Lac Seul.  All the fish don’t come into Lake Wenasaga to spawn, but good numbers will pass through the falls and head on up.  This helps this lake to have stable walleye numbers year after year.  This lake has more than 30 miles of shoreline, a 5 mile river that leads north to a waterfall and the south end of the lake is the river that feeds Lac Seul.  The rapids would be known as one of the best drive to fishing spots on the planet except for the fact that this area is closed during the spawning season to protect the walleye.  The rapids allow the fish to move through and into Lake Wenasaga, but boats cannot pass through.

Walleye Fishing

Wenasaga Lake is a very good walleye lake and it gets a lot less fishing pressure than Lac Seul.  You will most likely catch a lot more walleye and bigger walleye on nearby Lac Seul, but the fishing is very good on Wenasaga as well.

Northern Pike Fishing

Just like nearby Lac Seul, there are plenty of northern pike in Wenasaga Lake.  There are a few bays to fish, but this lake has a lot of rocks in it, so plan on finding a lot of northern pike in typical walleye spots.  Fish the points, islands, offshore structure and wind blown shorelines with deeper water close by.