Area Waters

Lac Seul

Lac Seul is an unbelievable walleye fishery and the northern pike fishing is very good up here too.  You may run into some smallmouth bass and perch too, but it’s definitely a pike/walleye fishery here.  It’s not just a numbers lake either.  There are so many big walleye and pike up here.  Catching a 30 inch walleye or a 40 inch pike are definitely possible on this part of the lake.

The Ear Falls area is a great area to fish because you can find fish super close to the boat launch throughout the entire fishing season.  During the summer and fall, many anglers will run several miles from camp, but there are fish close by if you want to stay closer to your resort.  This part of the lake is known for its incredible spring walleye fishing because this is the part of the lake where the majority of the fish will move up to spawn in.  You will find a lot of boats here in the spring, but the fishing is unbelievable if you time it right.

English River System

The English River system is just below the dam in Ear Falls.  For many anglers, the river is a nice option when the winds are blowing and Lac Seul is too rough for comfort.  However, the river should be an option without crazy winds because the fishing is awesome on the English River system.  The average size walleye is not quite as big as up on Lac Seul, but the numbers are here with some big fish and it’s usually a lot easier to find the fish than on Lac Seul.  Mix in the awesome pike fishing and it’s tough to beat this river system.  You may also find smallmouth bass, perch and an occasional muskie too.

Lake Wenasaga

Lake Wenasaga is unique in that it is a major spawning lake for Lac Seul.  All the fish don’t come into Lake Wenasaga to spawn, but good numbers will pass through the falls and head on up.  This helps this lake to have stable walleye numbers year after year.  This lake has more than 30 miles of shoreline, a 5 mile river that leads north to a waterfall and the south end of the lake is the river that feeds Lac Seul.  The rapids would be known as one of the best drive to fishing spots on the planet except for the fact that this area is closed during the spawning season to protect the walleye.  The rapids allow the fish to move through and into Lake Wenasaga, but boats cannot get passed this area due to it being too shallow.  This lake is more secluded than Lac Seul and has some very good fishing for walleye and pike.  Lake trout are here too if that’s something that interests you.  They can be found shallow early in the year, but will be much deeper as summer temperatures set in.

Pakwash Lake

Pakwash Lake is located just north of Ear Falls and just south of Red Lake.  This is a very good fishing area up here and Pakwash Lake can hold its own for sure.  This lake doesn’t get a ton of fishing pressure, although, you will see some other boats while out here.

Anglers report very good fishing for walleye and pike in Pakwash Lake.  Smallmouth bass, muskie, whitefish and perch are also available, but most anglers come here for the walleye and pike fishing just like most of the area waters up here.  Good numbers of fish are here with some big fish too.