Lake Trout

These coldwater fish are a favorite of many anglers.  Lake trout prefer water in the 48 to 52 degree range and they will find very deep water to stay in these temperatures.  Lake trout are often caught in water 50 to 100 feet down.  Because they need colder water to survive, they are found in a few states out west, and some northern states including the northeast and throughout most of Canada.  Most anglers go to Canada or on the Great Lakes when they want to fish for lake trout.

They have light spots on a darker background that can vary from light green or gray to dark green, brown or black.  Many 30 to 40 pound lake trout are caught every year in northern lakes and the world record is over 100 pounds.


Lake trout thrive in deep, cold water lakes where water temperatures are around 50 degrees or less.  When some of these lakes warm up in the summer time, they have access to some very deep water that stays cool.  Many of these lakes have water that is more than 50 feet deep in spots.  Up in Canada, there are plenty of smaller lakes that are shallower and they may have a decent population of lake trout as well since these waters are so far north that the water temperatures still stay fairly cool in the summer.

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