Cutthroat Trout

They are named for the reddish orange slash marks on their throat.  They have spots on their sides and their tail is covered with black spots.  Their sides area yellowish color.  Cutthroat trout can grow to very large sizes with a world record over 40 pounds.  Cutthroat trout are most commonly found out west.  The western United States and Canada are the areas where cutthroat trout thrive.  They are known for being willing to eat a variety of presentations even when other trout don’t want to eat, which makes them a fun species of fish to target.


Cutthroat trout like cool water, but they are found in many different types of lakes, rivers, streams and even ponds.  They prefer cold water and they can be found in many of the destinations that are also popular for rainbow trout and brown trout.  You usually won’t find them in as great of numbers as rainbow trout on most waters, however, in some places out west, the cutthroat trout will be the primary species on certain waters.

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