Tomtate Fishing Tips

Tomtate are located on the bottom and they hang out in large schools.  When you find a school of tomtate, they will find any small baits faster than other fish.  You will end up bringing in one after another.

How to Catch Tomtate

Tomtate are easy to catch.  A simple fish finder rig or drop shot rig will do the trick.  Use small pieces of shrimp or cut bait and you will catch some fish.  Tomtate can be found on the nearshore and offshore reefs and wrecks.

Using Tomtate as Bait

Tomtate are eaten by so many different species of fish.  Since they are caught off the reefs and wrecks, many anglers will use them as bait in similar spots, so grouper and snapper are usually the preferred fish that anglers are targeting, but barracuda and other fish around the wrecks will eat them too.


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