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texasrigThe Texas Rig is one of the more common ways to fish a soft plastic worm.  With this setup, you can fish in and around many different types of cover, over deep water and in the shallows if you go with a lighter weight.  The texas rig is a go to presentation that will work from spring through fall with a variety of different soft plastics and it can be just as effective for largemouth and smallmouth bass. You can also use a Weightless Texas Rig setup when you don’t need the added weight.

  Watch the rigging video below to learn how to set this up.

texas rig setupHow to Set Up the Texas Rig – Learn how to set up one of the most popular ways to fish soft plastic baits.
  Watch Video.

How to Set Up the Weightless Texas Rig – This rig is a popular way to fish soft plastics when no weight is needed.  Learn how to set this up in a quick video.
  Watch Video. (Coming Soon)

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