Fishing Calendar

Fishing Sioux Lookout, Ontario in the Spring

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 31° / 8°
April 47° / 25°
May 62° / 39°

This part of Canada is an awesome spring destination.  When the walleye opener arrives, there are so many awesome spots to fish for good numbers and big fish too.  With all the moving water in this area, plenty of water will open up early even on years we get a late ice out.  Walleye should be putting on the feed bag as they recover from the spawn.  Northern pike will be feeding heavily too.  Lake trout are still somewhat shallow.  Muskie aren’t open yet and smallmouth bass fishing will pick up big time as we get towards the end of May.

Fishing Sioux Lookout, Ontario in the Summer

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 71° / 50°
July 76° / 55°
August 74° / 53°

Summer fishing in Sioux Lookout is awesome.  You will still be able to catch so many fish shallower during the first half of June.  As summer patterns set in towards the end of June and into July, you will do well by fishing the offshore structures such as points, islands and reefs.  You can still catch a ton of walleye, pike and smallmouth bass all summer long.  Lake trout will still bite, but they will be much deeper.  When the muskie opener arrives, many anglers come here to target good numbers of them in the action lakes and some trophy fish on Lac Seul.

Fishing Sioux Lookout, Ontario in the Fall

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 62° / 44°
October 47° / 33°
November 30° / 17°

The fall is an exciting time to fish in this area as many fish move back into shallower water as water temperatures down into the low 60s.  There are still lots of fish in deeper water and they will stay there all fall, but you will be able to find some nice bass, walleye, pike and muskie in shallower water around points, shorelines with cover, around islands and even in some of the bays too.  The deep water bite gets very good if you can find some of these schools of fish near the end of September and into the first couple of weeks of October.  Just make sure that you bring the winter gear if you do a trip near the end of September or in October.  If you get a warm front, it will be great, but if you get a cold front, you could have snow.

Fishing Sioux Lookout, Ontario in the Winter (Ice Fishing)

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 15° / -2°
January 10° / -10°
February 17° / -5°

Some businesses are open and will cater to the ice fishing crowd in the winter.  This area has several lakes with a good amount of moving water, so make sure you head off to safe areas when ice fishing here.  Walleye, pike, perch, lake trout and whitefish all bite well through the ice.