This area has some excellent muskie fishing for numbers and big fish too.  There are several smaller lakes that are known for numbers, some mid-size lakes that offer numbers with some big fish and some bigger lakes that plenty of trophy fish too.

Big Vermilion Lake

Big Vermilion Lake is home to some monster muskie.  The deep, clear waters can make fishing tough here for many anglers, but if you use fluorocarbon leaders, fish deeper and fish during low light conditions, you will increase your odds of catching some nice muskie here.  This is one of the better muskie lakes in the area with good numbers of them and lots of big fish.

Lac Seul

The east side of Lac Seul is an amazing muskie fishery.  Some anglers will come out here and they won’t catch a muskie, but muskie fishing isn’t exactly easy.  There are plenty of anglers who will have multi-fish days on this part of the lake and big fish up to and over 50 inches are common.  It’s one of the best big muskie destinations that you can drive to in Ontario.

Little Vermilion Lake

Little Vermilion Lake is a good muskie lake.  It has numbers of them and big fish too.  It’s a lot easier to get bit here than on nearby Big Vermilion Lake.  Some anglers report multi-fish days with big fish in the upper 40 inch range and even bigger.  Every day won’t always be an easy day when chasing muskie, but this is one of those lakes that puts out a lot of fish all season long.

Cedarbough Lake

You can access this lake by floating through a small creek.  It is a very deep, cold water lake that is home to lots of muskie, northern pike, whitefish and big smallmouth bass.

Closs Lake

You get into Closs Lake with an easy land portage.  Muskie and smallmouth bass are abundant here.  Anglers catch so many fish here with 50 bass days possible and multi-fish days for muskie being common.  It is truly an awesome muskie and bass lake for numbers with some bigger fish too.

Maskinonge – Hooch – Cloudlet

These 3 lakes are connected to Little Vermilion Lake via a creek system.  Fishing is awesome in these lakes for muskie, northern pike and smallmouth bass.  These are good numbers lakes with some big pike, bass and mostly smaller muskie.

Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake is a good-sized lake that covers more than 5,700 acres.  Water flows into Pelican Lake from Abram Lake via Frog Rapids.  The English River then exits the lake on the northwest side via Pelican Falls.  The Vermilion River flows into the lake on the west side.

Anglers catch lots of different fish here.  The fishing is good for walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass.  Lake trout, muskie, perch and whitefish are here too.