Minnitaki Lake

Minnitaki Lake is a big lake with some very deep water.  The fishery consists of walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout, perch and whitefish.  It’s a good action lake with trophy fish too.  It’s one of the better walleye lakes in the area, so if you’re looking to stay on this chain and stay off Lac Seul for the day, this is probably the lake you want to spend some time on to catch some walleye.

Lake Trout

This is a big, deep lake and it is home to plenty of lake trout.  For anglers that want to target trout, this is a good place to start.  With how big the lake is, you’re going to want to come here with good electronics to help you find some of the schools of bait fish and the lake trout that will be there feeding on them.  Anglers can catch pretty good numbers of them, but what really draws trout anglers here is the size of these fish.  There are a lot of big trout on this lake with fish up to and above 30 pounds possible.

Northern Pike

Northern pike are found throughout Minnitaki Lake.  There is so much water here to fish and you have lots of awesome spots to fish for pike.  You have lots of bays, islands, points and offshore structure to fish.  Good numbers of pike can be caught here with some big fish up to and above 40 inches.

Smallmouth Bass

Minnitaki is home to some impressive smallmouth bass fishing.  Anglers can catch good numbers of them with lots of big fish here too.  With all of the islands, points and offshore structure, you have so many spots to fish once the summer pattern sets in.  If you can get here early in the year, the fishing can be outstanding along the rocky shorelines.


Minnitaki is one of the better walleye lakes in this area.  If you want to stay closer to many of the resorts, this is the lake most anglers will come fish instead of Lac Seul.  If you’re willing to travel a little further, Lac Seul will usually be the first choice.  For many people though, they fish for walleye on Minnitaki and never head over to Lac Seul and they do just fine for numbers and big fish.  You have a lot of islands, points and offshore structure to target walleye here all season long.