Botsford Lake

Botsford Lake is a narrow lake, which is great for getting out of the wind on windy days.  The fishery is good and it consists of walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout and northern pike.  It is a fairly easy lake to fish and the action is usually very good on this lake.

Northern Pike

Botsford Lake has good numbers of pike in it with some quality fish too.  It doesn’t get as much pressure as some of the other lakes in the area, so when you find the pike, they can be very aggressive.  It won’t be the best pike lake to fish in the area, but the pike are here if you want to target them.

Smallmouth Bass

Botsford Lake is a very good smallmouth bass lake.  Many anglers will make the boat ride over to target bass here.  Anglers that target them can catch good numbers of them with big bass potential too.


There are better walleye lakes in the area than Botsford Lake, but walleye are in here.  Some anglers target them and do pretty good, but for many anglers, they like to come over to Botsford for the smallmouth bass fishing.