Lac Seul

Lac Seul is one of the best drive to fishing lakes on the planet and this section of Lac Seul is known for excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike, muskie and smallmouth bass.  If you want to visit Lac Seul and you want to be able to catch muskie and bass to go along with walleye and pike, this is the part of the lake to visit.

We have an entire website dedicated to Lac Seul here.


The east side of Lac Seul is an amazing muskie fishery.  Some anglers will come out here and they won’t catch a muskie, but muskie fishing isn’t exactly easy.  There are plenty of anglers who will have multi-fish days on this part of the lake and big fish up to and over 50 inches are common.  It’s one of the best big muskie destinations that you can drive to in Ontario.

Northern Pike

The northern pike fishing is very good on the east end of Lac Seul.  Fish the bays and you’ll find pike from spring through fall.  Many of the better pike will be found around offshore structures such as islands and reefs from summer through fall.  Big pike up to and above 40 inches are caught here all season long.


Perch are secondary on Lac Seul, but some anglers get into some good schools of them.  If you are using fathead minnows or nightcrawlers, you may run into some perch.  When you do, stay on the school as long as you can because once they’re gone, you may never find them again.

Smallmouth Bass

The east end of Lac Seul actually provides anglers with some incredible smallmouth bass fishing and it’s not just a spring / early summer bite either.  Some anglers get dialed in on the offshore spots that hold big schools of smallmouth bass and these fish can get huge.  Anglers see a lot of bass over 4 pounds on this part of the lake.


Walleye fishing is good on all parts of Lac Seul and it is no different in the Sioux Lookout area.  When anglers come to this area and ask the locals where they should go for walleye, most people will steer them to Lac Seul.  It’s just an amazing fishery where you can get numbers and big fish too.