Fishing with Shrimp as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

You can’t really go wrong with shrimp.  Shrimp will always catch some type of saltwater fish.  Some of the fish you will catch with shrimp are snook, permit, jack crevalle, bonefish, redfish and cobia.  These are just a few as you can catch many other saltwater fish on shrimp.

How to Catch Shrimp

There are a few different ways to catch shrimp for recreational anglers.  Most will either use a cast net or a shrimp trap and they will target them in the inshore areas.

Using Shrimp as Bait

You can use live or dead shrimp and you can fish them with a jig or on the bottom with a pyramid sinker.  With dead shrimp, cut the tail and head off and just use the meat portion of the shrimp.  Live shrimp will work fished on the bottom, drifting and another method is to let a live shrimp swim freely with the incoming or outgoing tide.  Just hook the shrimp in the back and use just enough weight to get it down.  The shrimp doesn’t have to be on the bottom, but you don’t want it floating along the surface either.

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