Fishing with Glass Minnows (Anchovies) as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Glass minnows are anchovies.  These minnows are small, usually no more than 3 inches long and they are transparent with a broad silver stripe down the side.  Cut small pieces and throw them into the water.  They are very effective when you are anchored, but they can also work with a slow troll.

How to Catch Glass Minnows

They are tough to catch with cast nets, so most anglers end up buying them in frozen blocks to use as chum or as cut bait.  Anglers do catch them with sabiki rigs and cast nets, so if you can find a school of them, go ahead and catch them and use them as bait.

Using Glass Minnows as Bait

If you can get live glass minnows, fish them alive as they are great baits for so many different types of fish.  Fish them on a weightless rig when fishing shallow or higher up in the water column.  Bottom rigs work great too whether the bait is alive or as cut bait.  Using glass minnows as chum is popular also.

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