Fishing with Sand Shrimp

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Sand shrimp, also called ghost shrimp, are a popular bait for a variety of different fish.  These shrimp live in the sand, so many anglers will actually catch them with a shrimp pump.  The fish that you can catch with a regular shrimp will also eat a sand shrimp, so that’s almost everything inshore and several species of fish offshore too.

In freshwater, sand shrimp are a very popular bait for salmon and steelhead.  When the fish enter the river to spawn, the sand shrimp is one of the better baits to use.

How to Catch Sand Shrimp

Sand shrimp, also called ghost shrimp, can be caught with these pumps that actually pump sand up into a tube.  It pumps the sand and the shrimp into the tube, then you pump it out and find your shrimp.  It’s fairly easy to do, but does take a little time to find all the shrimp needed for your next fishing trip.

Using Sand Shrimp as Bait

Rig these baits with a single hook and your favorite live bait rig.  Whether you use them in freshwater or saltwater, they are great baits.  So many different fish love to eat them and they are easy to use.

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